Fugitive (first samuel)

Alone in these rocks
And the hot sun o'erhead
And a band on the run
That the Powers want dead
Just a stone at Goliath
And crowds praised my name
But the same God of rescue
Did the lion and bear tame
I have none of the means
To resist wicked darts
But a leaning on His arm
Takes us through thorny parts
And I sing with my lyre
And He smiles at my praise
And the clouds bring their rainfall
And the plants food for days.
Just an outcast with fresh air
And the hope of a rout
And a new chance for justice
As the prophet laid out
Tis a word that I'm holding
And a promise of old
And the comfort it renders
Much more thrilling than gold.

Will the Cold Bring to Memory?

Will the flakes appear?
And the bright drifts build?
Will the branches sing?
While the night is chilled.
Let the thoughts adjourn
To that distant stall
Where the pigeons coo
For a child so small.
And the beasts so crude
Bow their heads in awe
As they speak their love
Special peace for all.
And some shepherd men
Shuffle in to see
How the Mother smiles
Holding hope so free
In her little Lamb
Who has years to grow
And to come to love
Battered Israel so.

Time of Refreshing

Have we seen Its special footprint Do we know how To draw near Have we noticed Some in passing Who are cramped In doubt and fear Can we offer Affirmation Can we lovingly Give ear Can we bring That holy savour That says Jesus Christ is near. They are seeking A connection Not another Shoulder cold They are asking Does He hear and heal As in lakeside Days of old? And you meekly Hold the answer

A Grip on Holiness


Life in the Blood

This book by Andrew Murray is rich ground zero as pertaining to the faith once delivered to the saints.

The Power of the Blood

In Better Hands

It is not the bigness of the storm; rather the exceeding bigness of God who is with you in the storm.