At the Summit

The eyesight still is dazzled
And the thinking not too clear,
And the three of us amazed, Lord,
That you ever brought us here.
For the stillness of the setting
And the call to join in prayer,
Neath the vastness and the freshness
Of the silent mountain air,
Gave no warning of the wonders ,
Lord, that you would have us share,

As we drifted into comfort,
You had moved to yonder space,
And the fervency of prayer, Lord,
Soon came gleaming from your face!
How this stirred us from our drifting,
From our flagging in the fight,
As alone, atop that mountain
We were stricken with the sight
Of your face, you clothes, your person,
All awash with inner light!

Not alone now, but in session
With some other-worldly men.
Were they Moses? And Elijah?
Sent to you? To earth again?
How could we so undeserving,
Dare to look upon them so?
Or to catch their words of courage?
We just had to see, to know.
There were you, the Law, the Prophets
And the summit all aglow!

Then as quickly, they had vanished
And the power began to fade,
And our brother muttered out
That some memorial be made:
“You have walked and talked with Moses
At this heady, holy height.
You have shared prayer with Elijah;
Been transfigured in the light.
We must fashion some mementos.
Surely that would be alright!”

But no sooner had he spoken,
Than a brilliant cloud appeared,
Which engulfed us in its glory.
Falling on our face, we feared.
And a voice not heard by mortals
To our impudence decreed:
“This is my belov’ed offspring.
Hear ye him and him ye heed.”

LUKE 9: 29, 30, 31
And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering. And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias: Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.


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