Baby's Colic (1987)

He’s up again,
And crying for some cause
Best known to him.
His mother needs more rest.
So, it’s my turn.
And with him now
Some midnight oil will burn.

It’s such a mess:
My business gone to pot.
And awkward friends
Would rather stare.
“A lawyer in a stew.”
Some of them care.
A sharp young lawyer? Not.

The baby came.
And even in this squeeze
There is some joy.
A bright-eyed little boy
His sister takes in hand.
Yet times are rough.
It’s hard to understand.

We cuddle now.
And in the tattered sofa
Find some peace.
No longer squirming for release.
His eyes fast shut.
Like some pink toy.
I’d never harm the boy.

Alone, I lounge
To cadence of a clock.
But not alone.
Inside I hear Him talk.
The Holy One,
Assuring me
'I’d never harm you, Son.'


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