Easy Sundays

Are you caught in the snare
Of the preacher?
In the logical loop
Of his art?
In the comfort and ease
Of the teaching?
In the flow of his
Overhead chart?

Is the God you now serve
Proving pliant?
Are His ways now within
Mortal span?
Has the Bible become
Less a mainstay.
As you harvest the truth
From one man?

Will it prove your escape
From the struggle?
From the bleary nights
Given to prayer?
From the battle with
Concepts of scripture?
And the sense you are
Getting nowhere?

Does the Cross now appear
And “reproach” just a word
From the past?
As you perch on the
Threshold of victory,
Reassured current clear
Skies will last?

Such a joyful, new-found
And a quicker ascent
To the height.
And a confidence one
Now is certain
Both in grasp of the
Good and the right.

But I doubt such convenience
Is Holy.
Nor the path which, before,
Saints have trod.
For the trials which they bore
In the night-time,
Brought a richer sun- rise
With their God.


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