What skill, what gift
What fashioned art,
Has come your way,
Set you apart;
Has settled on
Your hands, your eyes,
Your tongue, your pen,
Your tools, your pies;
Has come to you
With little strain,
While others toil
The skill to gain;
Has been the joy
Of leisure’s hours,
In shaping wood
Or tending flowers;
Has been the means
To new friends met,
And medium for
Their blessing yet;
Has raised your voice
In moving song,
To lift the heart,
To heal the wrong;
Has filled your mind
With hidden views
Which splash to life
From palette’s hues;
Has given you
Creation joy
To pass to lass
Or eager boy.
All these are gifts
To you in trust.
Creator shares
His power with dust.
And with the gift
You should, you should
Spread blessing, help
And simple good.


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