Message at the Meal

A hymn they sang to finish
Their last meal with the Lord;
A time of blessing hidden
From threat of scribe or sword.

An upper room was furnished
For what had proved to be
Their place of richest teaching
Ere Jesus faced the tree.

As other families gathered,
So he with his reclined.
The Vine with his dear branches,
By love so intertwined.

In bitter-sweet remembrance
Of Israel’s darkest hour,
When lamb’s blood o’er the door-frame
Assured redeeming power.

And as no other member
Would stoop to washing feet,
Christ took the soothing laver
And made the feast complete.

With bread and wine he showed them
The brotherhood’s new fare;
Those broken, poured-out tokens,
His life and love to share.

Then startling words were uttered,
Their peace abruptly cleft;
That one would soon betray him,
And Judas, strangely, left.

The stillness now arresting,
With his departure near,
The Master seized the moment
To overcome their fear.

And spoke of how the Spirit
Would soon be at their door,
To strengthen them and comfort them
And teach them more and more.

While he would be in Glory
Preparing them a place,
Whence he would come to take them
To see the Father’s face!

How thrilling was this teaching!
How strangely pulled their love!
The times with him so precious;
Still grander times above?

And lastly, he allowed them
To hear his priestly prayer;
That Father would sustain them
Through all life’s toil and care.

A hymn they sang to finish,
That wondrous Hallel Psalm, {PSALM 118)
Portraying the Messiah
At death’s dark door, yet calm.

This meeting, how exquisite!
This Master, how sublime!
This message meant to strengthen
Til Resurrection Time!

JOHN 15: 5
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


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