Nicodemus by Night

In the evening I approached him,
In the secrecy of night;
For I knew that he was wisdom,
And I knew that he was right;
And I knew he held the answers
And was guided by the light.
So I came to Jesus just to get it straight.

I had power in the Council
And was held in high esteem,
But I sensed the Jews had missed it,
Missed Jehovah’s grander scheme;
With our rules and regs ad nauseum,
Lost the sight of mercy’s theme.
So I came to Jesus when my hour was late.

I had struggled with obedience
To a host of holy laws.
But I couldn’t beat my failures,
And I couldn’t beat my flaws.
All my earnest resolutions
Couldn’t bolster my lost cause;
So I came to Jesus, life to illustrate.

There was something fundamental,
Yes, a change which must be wrought;
And it couldn’t just be studied,
And it couldn’t just be bought.
It was of the Spirit’s working,
Some strange new birth to be sought.
This was how the Father planned to change my fate!

But so simple, Lord, now really!
Can this be for older men?
That they must dare to be child-like,
And by faith renounce their sin?
Seek some Holy Ghost infusion,
And by grace be born again?
Here’s the truth which I must now appropriate!


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