Only The Shepherd

Such a memorable day
In the pastures of May,
And the brook sparkles
Just past the green.

And the flock is at rest
Where the grazing is best.
And the gambolling
Young can be seen.

On a prominent rise
Where the plover oft’ flies
Seated, handsome and
Strumming his lyre.

‘Tis the shepherd they see
With a new melody
Which the day and the way
Had inspired.

Now the trek had been steep
And his pace they did keep,
Till the luscious uplands
Had been gained.

And the grass was so sweet
Glistening under their feet,
For the previous night
It had rained.

Soon with grazing all done
And the warm mid-day sun,
There were many who
Stretched out and slept.

But a few cautious rams
Proudly eyeing their lambs,
Caught a glimpse of the
Dark shape which crept.

Oh the wolf had been keen
Smoothly agile and lean,
As he shadowed the
Flock in ascent.

And if he had his way
On this blissful spring day
Many young would be
Cornered and rent.

But the rams simply eyed
Their sweet singer and guide
To confirm that he
Saw the threat there.

And he, taking the sling
To deter the foul thing
Reassured there was
No need for care.

(Let us heed this tale well
Ere the forces of hell
Try to topple our
Climb to the height.

That when Evil comes on
Threatening slaughter and wrong,
We keep only the
Shepherd in sight.)


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