Please Accept This Lamb

“Please accept this lamb,”
The Hebrew father said.
Then gave it to the priest,
His hand placed on its head.

“A pure and spotless lamb,”
The temple priest replied.
Then quickly took the knife
And cut its throat. It died.

How horrible our sins must seem
Before a holy God.
How vital that the blood must cleanse
Each wicked deed or thought.

How shameful that a blameless lamb
Must suffer in our stead.
The father left the temple as
These thoughts weighed on his head.

“Behold the man, your Jesus,”
The Roman governor said.
“I find no fault to kill him;
Your priests would see him dead.”

“We have no king but Caesar,”
The angry mob replied.
“His blood shall be upon us.”
And shamefully, Christ died.

How lovingly he came to earth
To teach his Father’s heaven.
How patiently he bore life’s cross
That we might be forgiven.

How willingly he shed his blood,
Fulfilling the atonement.
The senseless crowd dispersed in awe,
Not knowing what it all meant.

“Here is my blood, dear Father,”
The risen Saviour said.
“I place it on your altar;
Sin’s debt is fully paid.

“I count it all sufficient,”
The Father, God replied.
“Now let us send the Spirit
To show men why you died.”

We do our deeds to prove ourselves,
And call it all well done.
The Spirit pleads, “Do not neglect
The blood of God’s own Son!

Do not suspect your decency
Will earn a place in Glory.
Come to the Cross! Repent! Receive!
Trust in salvation’s story!”

How thrilling that the Father
Conquered sin as Jesus died.
How wondrous that He sees some now
In Jesus glorified.

How urgent that each guilty heart
By faith accept this plan.
Please leave your pride. Apply the blood.
Oh, please accept this Lamb!

MARK 10: 45
For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for man


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