Seven Words Selected

TAKE HEED LEST ANY MAN DECEIVE YOU – As the time approaches for the bodily return of Jesus to earth, false messengers, messiahs and visionaries will abound. The sensual self-pleasing spirit described in 2 Timothy 3 will also abound. The faith once delivered to the saints will be subjected to idolatrous twists and turns suiting powerful men's fancies and intellects. The children of light, and indeed the very planet, will groan for deliverance. Nevertheless we must not allow our eagerness to press us into the agenda of the false prophets who will delude large numbers. Men will be touting things fresh and new, inferring that the grand old Gospel is no longer satisfactory or certain. God will not delude us. His warnings and promises are entirely trustworthy. The Day of Christ’s return in glory and judgment will be unstoppable. (Acts 1: 11) Let us occupy in love, service and hope.


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