A Soul in Peril

Father, I pray for this dear man.
He sees no need for your great plan.
He little cares about our Jesus;
Lives his life just as he pleases.
Nothing shakes his self-reliance,
Though it is but God-defiance..

When I try to share the Gospel,
He just thinks it quite impossible,
That a life without gross scandal
Will be lost without Christ’s mantle.
In his business, he is honest.
In his family he is so blessed.

How can this fine civic hero
Be convinced that he scores zero
On your scale of righteous worth?
Will you interrupt his mirth?
Will you show his blackened heart?
Will you pull his pride apart?

Sad to say, he does partake
Of a church you didn’t make.
One which states that all find Heaven.
One admitting worldly leaven.
One where new birth truth is missing.
One which makes the Cross a trite thing.

Please, dear Lord, assign your Spirit;
Show him Hell, and make him fear it.
Show him how in Adam’s fall,
Sin crept into one and all.
Sin, which exalts selfish purpose,
Sin, which renders good deeds worthless.

I believe that by your Spirit
You will make his conscience hear it.
Interrupt his treadmill days.
Show him scripture, power, praise!
Plant a hunger, Lord, for your best.
Over-rule his vain success quest.

He is frightened to examine
The extent of his faith’s famine.
He distrusts what still confounds him.
Show him how your love surrounds him.
How your dear Son’s blood sufficed.
How to find his life in Christ.

Precious Father, I can say naught,
How his pardon must be blood-bought.
He suspects my motives are wrong;
So I pray to see him made strong.
On my knees, I plead his case.
Humble him, and show him grace.


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