This Word Lives

I remember a devotional concerning two men in the ministry who had graduated from the same seminary and gone to preach in far distant parts of the country.

After years, a class reunion brought them into contact and they shared wonderful days getting re-acquainted. In discussing the trials and victories at their respective posts it became apparent that they had each experienced significant life crises in the same week years before. They could now look back with thanksgiving and a sense that the "dark tunnels" ultimately brought richness to their lives and service for others (2 Corinthians 1:6).

They related how particular strength had come for the trial from a single verse of scripture. In fact, it was the same verse for each of them, although the challenging circumstances were very different.

What a living Word compels us, counsels us, comforts us! I remember the children's toy, the kaleidoscope. It looked like a telescope but it contained beautiful fragments of coloured glass which would change their pattern as the toy was twisted.
Did not these two pastors experience God's Word "living for them" in similar fashion?


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