Faith's Focus

There’s a resource in the New Birth
Which we must take time to feed.
It starts slowly, and so humbly,
As a small and precious seed.
It is faith apart from logic,
Over-reaching senses five.
Will we dare to act upon it,
Let it grow and bless and thrive?

We were shown the fine example
In true Abraham of old,
Who urged Sarah, barren Sarah,
To believe what they were told;
That by faith their wizened bodies
Would beget a healthy son,
And would “father many nations”,
And thus Israel was begun.

Later Moses, shepherd Moses,
Who had fled from Pharaoh’s court;
‘Til Jehovah named him spokesman
To bring out the Hebrew horde;
And to lead them through the desert,
Finding food and drink in sand;
Clashing with large heathen armies,
‘Til they reached the Promised Land.

And Elijah, desert prophet,
By whom God would stop the showers;
For the crippling of a nation,
And for humbling wicked powers.
With a stern rebuke from heaven:
‘Your idolatry is wrong!’
And the man of God defeated
Priests of Baal, some hundreds strong.

All of these had the assurance
That the Word of God was true;
That the things which He had promised
He most certainly would do.
And they treasured and they trusted
In whatever He had said,
From the saving of the nations
To the raising of the dead.

Now, for us, faith is in Jesus,
Not a law or force or creed,
But a living, loving Saviour
Come to earth to bless and bleed;
As the ‘logos’ of the Father,
Living Word of God’s great plan (JOHN 1: 1-14)
To redeem, and reproduce
The loving heart of God in man.

And before he assumed glory
Once again at God’s right hand,
Christ assured disciples power
To preach faith throughout the land.
In His name to cast out devils,
And to speak in other tongues;
Laying hands on sick for healing,
Winning souls, both old and young.

Fellow Christians, we have access
To His wonderful resource,
And can touch the world for Jesus
Before history runs its course.
Will we dare to exercise it,
And not leave it soft and dull?
Or will faith again be hung up
On ‘the place known as the skull’?

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.


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