Holy Ghost, Indweller

Peace, be still, little heart,
I am here.
Now you hail Christ as Lord-
Cease from fear!

I am your promised help,
Draw from me.
My sure wisdom is yours,
You will see.

As the mysteries of God
Are made known,
And the scriptures bring life
From his throne.

Did I not once inspire
Holy men
To record the Lord’s will
By the pen?

Will I not open such
Truths to you,
In a way just as clear
To your view?

We will grow in friendship
As you pray.
Simply ask for my help
Each new day.

I have kindled my spark
Deep within.
Please, permit it to burn-
You’ll not sin.

Once, my task was to claim
You from Hell.
Now, praise God, you have come.
All is well.

I will lead, I will check
‘Long the way.
Lest you err, I’ll be there.
Come what may.

Can you see, I am sent
As a pledge?
Just as deep calls to deep
‘Cross time’s edge.

There are fruits of my love
For each day.
Please, dear heart, do not grieve
Me away.

And, of course, you may ask
For my best!
A baptism of power,
You’ll be blessed!

Just as Peter emerged
From all fear,
In a Pentecost blaze
Of good cheer.

You will witness on fire
To God’s Word,
With a joy that is strength
From your Lord.

I will consecrate you
For the task.
And take charge of your tongue
If you ask…

As the finger of God
I will point.
And with ministry gifts
Oft’ anoint.

Thus equipped, you may serve
Much like Paul,
Who abandoned all else
For Christ’s call.

Learning sin had no hold
O’er one dead
To the flesh, but alive
Where I led.

Please, accept me as your
Inner guide.
Let us witness to Christ

I will offer help as
You allow.
Bold adventures in love
Begin now!

(Picture by Themla Mansfield)


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