Loaves and Fishes

The crowd had his blessing,
The desert place too.
The teaching refreshed like the cool morning dew.
The sun now was setting,
The homeward trip long.
And Jesus took pity upon the dear throng.

He’d given them wisdom,
He’d given them power,
He’d spoken the Word of God hour after hour.
And not a one waivered
At what he had said.
Their spirits still hungry, their flesh needing bread.

And so he had sent us
To gather up food;
To feed the five thousand, his dear foster brood.
And doubting, we set out
To meet the appeal,
But I of the twelve alone spotted a meal.

“What have you got, Andrew?
Bring it to me.
Fetch your resources, lad, that we might see,
How now the multitude
All will be fed.
Gifts from a faithful lad, fishes and bread.”

Sheepishly I conveyed
What I had found.
How could this boy’s treat be passed all around?
Look at their numbers, Lord.
Look at this snack.
How now will plenty be made from such lack?

Then from my hands he took
All that I had.
Two little fishes, five loaves from the lad;
Blessed them and broke them
And called us to share
Portions abounding with all gathered there!

Now where it all came from
Not one of us knew,
But faith’s little offering just grew and it grew,
Once given to Jesus
To meet the demand,
With blessing surpassing what men could have planned.

What have you got, Andrew,
Bring it to me.
Time or resources, your own ministry.
Give without sparing.
Leave all in my care
And find it sufficient with ample to spare.


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