What are you doing
On asphalt?
Here at the back
Of the Mall?
Feeding on donuts
And refuse?
Screeching your
Scavenger call.

You should be down
At the lakeshore.
Painting your white
On the blue.
Bobbing in wake
Of the freighters.
Nestled at pier
When day’s through.

You are the champion
Of summer.
Skirting the waves
At the shore.
Scouring the sands
For some shellfish.
Kite-like, you hang
And you soar.

Sometimes, I’ve seen
You with cousins,
Scrapping and
Scrambling for treats,
Thrown by some
Jocular tourists,
Tanning on
Foldable seats.

But I like best
Your finale.
Gliding when hot
Day is done.
Placing your V
‘Gainst the glory.
Winsome white gull
And red sun.


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