My Father Will Care for You

The American Civil War had ended and a banker and father of a Union Lieutenant waited for his son's return.

He had last heard of one desperate final engagement of the regiment including his son. He knew not of the boy's state, and he waited with bated breath and repeated prayers. This was his only son.

A knock finally came at the front door of the stately home and the man raced to open and see the end of his long wait. To his surprise there was another young man in uniform about the same age as his son.

The youth introduced himself (we will call him Peter) and stated that he and the banker's son had become fast friends in the closing months of the war. In a pivotal struggle Peter had gotten trapped in the midst of a number of "Rebs" and his friend broke through the lines and carried him away to safety. The son had sustained critical injuries in the rescue.

The father could hardly ask his next question, but the youth's expression confirmed his greatest fear. Without a word, Peter handed the old man a letter. It was from the son wishing the father blessings and introducing Peter as a dear friend. It stated that injuries were of a mortal nature and that it was not likely that the son would long survive. Would the father receive Peter back into household and estate in the same fashion as he would have received the son?

The father, teary-eyed, took the young visitor into his home and life. All this was done out of love for the son.


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