Perfect Vision

In my mind’s eye I shall never forget
That sabbath when Jesus healed me.
Begging and lonely, I heard a kind voice
Promising that I might see.

Others had talked of the cause of my plight,
Was it the price of some sinning?
Jesus seemed eager to set me aright;
In him I’d find new beginning.

He declared that he was light to the world,
As he applied a clay poultice;
Sending me off to a pool to be washed
Fearless that rabbis might notice.

Off came the dark scales and in came the light,
Who was this marvelous healer?
Rabbis were fixing to give me a fight:
“I must renounce this scene- stealer.”

Both of my parents were called in to say
If I were really born blind.
Each of them sadly turned from me that day,
Fearful that church-folk would mind.

“Surely a man who would break sabbath laws
Working, albeit in mercy,
Works for the devil with no righteous cause!”
“How is it then that I see?”

Quickly they parceled me out of the church:
“How dare you test our tradition!
We hold to Moses’ law, and that alone.
We strongly doubt your new vision.

Out on the street then I met a young man
Who asked if I knew the Saviour.
That voice! Was Jesus! I clutched at his hand,
Thanking him for his great favour.

I knew that I had gained more than just sight,
Trusting the Lord and his new ways.
Blinder the ones who persistently fight
Coming to Christ in these last days!

Let them attend to their rituals at church,
Chanting hymns ever so sweet.
I had befriended the one Son of God ,
Worshipping him in the street!


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