Song of the Wire

An overcast day
In the summer.
A pleasant relief
From the heat.
And rising quite
Early this morning,
I’ve taken a
Cool backyard seat.
The birds are
Surprisingly quiet.
Are they as slow-
Moving as I?
The leaves on the
Maple turn over,
Requesting a drink
From the sky.
And upwards behind
Me, I hear him,
In notes softly
Soothing and sad.
His double-tone tune
Of lamenting,
Today makes me
Mellow, but glad.
I wonder what hurt
He is hiding?
What loneliness
Looms in his soul?
What sickness at home
He is bearing?
What trial he finds
Hard to control?
His heart is the
Heart of a mourner.
And pain is a
Constant we share.
He asks, “May I
Help you by singing?
I know, and God knows,
And we care.”


  1. Awesome poem, Doug. I can't believe you can even remember and find all of your writings that point to the same heart that God placed in mine about the same issues! I can barely remember last week!


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