Upon His Leaving

See it boldly through,
My Lad.
Gain some ground
Each day.
Help a neighbour
Bear his load.
Don’t forget to pray.
Claim the vision
That is yours.
Be prepared
To wait.
Sift it through
The will of God.
Don’t procrastinate.
Show some child
The path of right.
Keep within
The laws.
Honour elders
All the time.
Help them, just because.
Know that you are
Not the things
You possess, or don’t.
Be a man
Whose word is bond:
What you’ll do,
Or won’t.
Exercise a
Listening ear.
Not too quick
To speak.
Recognize the
Of the poor or weak.
Seek in friends
Some budding signs
Of the Saviour’s heart.
Though, sometimes our
Faith requires
That you stand apart.
Find a mate
Of equal yoke.
One who knows
The Lord.
Daily pour out
All your heart.
Show her, she’s adored.
Providence will
Set your own
Blend of good
And bad.
Never let a
Bitter root
Rob the joy you’ve had.
So much more
That I might say.
But its time
To close.
You are in
The hand of God.
This your Father knows.


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