I have scrimped and saved,
I have used the law,
I am now the richest publican around.
I have pressed for tax,
I know each excuse,
I am quick to confiscate and to impound.

Strictly business, yes,
Ranked among the best.
I am proud that I have risen to the top.
Men all know my name,
They seek my advice,
But I simply cannot make my conscience stop.

I have heard of one
Who heals all the sick,
And who speaks of Heaven’s blessings for the poor.
He has warned the rich
Not to lust for gold,
Just to lose to thief or death outside the door.

He has called all souls
To eternal goals,
And to do good neighbour’s deeds to each in need.
He seeks character,
This great judge of men,
And I sense his righteous standards have me treed.

In his presence now,
I’m a little man,
Yet I sense he holds out hope I might amend:
“Come down now, Zacchaeus,
I must sup with you.”
He is one before whom no one can pretend

Now I hear myself
Speaking from the heart
For the first time I recall in many years:
“I will settle all;
I will mend the hurts.”
I sense joy and great relief washed in my tears.

I am broken now
By the truth of Him
Who insists abundant life must start within you.
I’ll become His man,
Restore all I can;
Surely no work grieving Jesus should continue

PSALM 34: 18
The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

(Picture by William Hole)


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