Hillside Message

Up on the hillside on that clear day
Jesus told us secrets of life;
Blessings in faith and right ways to pray,
Ways into peace, ways out of strife.

How my poor heart rejoiced when he spake,
“Bless’d are the poor; Bless’d are the meek;
Bless’d are the hungry for righteousness’ sake.”
These blessings I wanted to seek.

Worship he showed as intimate time,
Time for the Father to meet me.
Prayer and fasting in secret were mine,
Mine an appointment with Deity!

Never would I have reason to fear
How in the months yet ahead,
How in the passing of year after year,
I would be clothed or be fed.

Father would manage all of my need
Just as the wee birds are blessed.
Better I strive my spirit to feed,
And trust in him for the rest.

Some of his words, though, have troubled me;
How I must heed all the laws,
How I must out-do the Pharisee
In righteousness for God’s cause.

Can it be true in my mortal state
That I can dominate sin?
That I can rise above lust and hate,
Not just without, but within?

Must I refrain from judging my peers
Every time I see them err?
Though their mistakes have brought me to tears,
Meekly, their faults must I bear?

Can I find special grace to forgive
Even my worst enemy?
Can I surpass mere “live and let live”
To love the one who hurts me?

Only the one who follows these ways
Will build his house on the rock.
Acting by faith in what Jesus says,
Nothing is gained by mere talk.

Give me the means to please you, oh Lord,
Power to walk in this light.
Strength of your Spirit, and life of your Word;
Then we will manage it right!


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