Gunwale Rocking

The cedar-strip canoe
Feels comfortable
As I push away from our dock
Facing gentle Bay wind.

Busy day today
With the kids.
This session of camp
Seems spunkier.

Good evening program.
Young boys actually sang.
Read a little Service
Some north-wood rhyme.

Sunset out there
Beyond the point.
One of a kind
With fire.

Cabin line has settled
Rattlings subside.
Mosquitoes and peeper frogs
Bring night's music.

Gentle J-stroke
Makes relaxed progress
With tickling resistance
Of evening's waves.

Rounding the point,
Marsh grass and lilies
Last vestiges of light.

There. Enough.
Paddle placed
Cross gunwales behind.
Stretching out and back.

Legs extended
Five and seven o'clock.
Feeling the rock
Of the craft.

Night-lights, lazy,
Arrive above.
Wink, shimmer, shoot.
Special August friends.

From shoreline
Raven's croak echoes.
And bullfrog's tympanic

Rocking, rocking,
North star dances

Seldom have I
Such freedom from
The ground.


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