On the Guelph Line

Periodically I make pick-up truck deliveries to road/bridge construction sites of our Company's customers. The closer I get to Lake Ontario or the Niagara Peninsula, the more likely I am to tune in Gospel FM Radio WDCX from Buffalo. There is an uplifting blend of Bible teaching, praise and phone-in listener input.

Often I will find myself on the Guelph Line, a secondary Ontario highway which stretches from the exquisite lakeside residences and parks of Burlington, through something akin to cottage country by the escarpment and the quaint village of Lowville, past the 401 Highway and Mohawk Racetrack, ending on Highway 7 east of Guelph at the town of Rockwood. There are a number of lush woodlots, horse farms, streams, golf courses and open stretches.

On one morning in particular, I was traveling the opposite way, southward, and enjoying WDCX. At the last stretch before Burlington, one comes over a hill. The whole vista down the big slope to glistening Lake Ontario is breathtaking. I had changed to playing a CD, and had reached the hill-crest listening to the crescendo in Steve Curtis Chapman's song entitled "God is God". (Hear it on one of this blog's video strips.) I had to shout! A sparkling line of reflected light (auto glass and steel in the sun) welcomed me to the Lake.

Just then my cell phone rang. (No more may I answer it while driving, as the law is changing.) It was my daughter with some family news. She quickly sensed something out of the ordinary with me, and asked, "What's up with you?"



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