Teaching Taking Its Time

There is a kind of faith teaching that is sincere, straight, short. It draws from scripture and adds briefly from the bank of personal experience. It does not repeat itself. Its words are precise. It is not "dumbed down". The bar is raised. It is not embellished with emotion. It says its piece and walks away.

The listener is left with time, meditation and life's journey to come eventually to the threshold of the revelation."Oh, so THAT is what he meant; what Jesus meant!"

I had such a friend back in Chatham. He kept on running into my wife in the apartment elevator going to the laundry room. He was pleasant, respectful, and only gradually did he approach the message of salvation with her. As our acquaintance grew, we learned that he had been an ordained Pentecostal preacher, but had been given the polite boot after his wife left him for another man.

We heard him preach in various independent Charismatic gatherings. Very stirring. Solidly Biblical. He understood that although the "gates of praise" were wonderful, the people of God had first to construct carefully the "walls of salvation". Truth coupled with manifestation. Then the City could be properly inhabited and the Lord would arrive.

The friend taught in the manner above-mentioned, and I the listener, walked through many doors of revelation thanks to his earnestness, delicacy and patience. In many respects he represented the "wounded healer" written about by Henri Nouwen.


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