The Achiever's Hymn

(Sung to the tune of "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus")

Tell me the stories of power
I long to hear.
Things I would ask
If he were here.
Moves in the market,
Deeds of duress,
Stories of power
I love the best.

First I would learn about leverage
Closing the deal.
Facts from the foe's
Clinching the steal.
Sure props to image,
Names dropped and used,
Staff disadvantaged,
Pushed hard, abused.

Next I would custom our message,
Stretching the truth.
Everyone pads
Spare me reproof.
"Just in time" buying;
Take months to pay;
Life's for the winning.
We'll lead the way.

Plus, on the side, speculation,
Junk bought and sold
Flipping frail options and futures
To finest gold.
Please heed the proverb
Since days of yore.
Always the wealthy
Still must have more.

Don't ask me how this got started.
Dad worked long days,
Taking whatever they paid him,
Duped by their ways.
My path, not his path.
Faster the climb.
"Fortune Five Hundred"
In record time.

Note: In the final Audit, one will not be allowed to keep two sets of books. One for the secular, the other, the spiritual!


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