Lincoln at the Theatre

I heard an interesting account of Abraham Lincoln's death. You will recall that he was shot while seated with wife Mary in a balcony booth at Ford's Theatre.

The President had a love for the scriptures and a deep respect for Jesus, but he had neither joined a church nor made a public confession of Christ as personal Saviour. His wife had a rich involvement with a Presbyterian church. "Abe" had had sincere discussions with the pastor and had graciously accepted a pocket-sized daily devotional which was his constant companion.

On that fateful night in the theatre, in the third act, he had drawn closer to his wife enjoying the play. Apparently the body guard had left his post outside the theatre box to go for a drink. Lincoln made a statement something like the following: 'You know Mary, I believe that I must soon come out for Christ and join the church. Perhaps then you and I might take some time and go to visit the Holy...' BANG. The sentence was left unfinished. (Obviously he had meant to say 'visit the Holy Land'.) Mortally wounded, the President lingered unconscious for nine hours, then died.

But the commentator whose report I read was quick to add that the beloved emancipator was then clearly approaching the Heavenly Jerusalem. Much earlier his position of heart had been established.


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