MacLeod's Scottish Shop

This has been a holiday week for Hilary and me. Simple day trips. Time together. Toronto Museum. Wedding anniversary. Novel reading. A funeral. A visit to an allergist. Matinee movie (Chick-flick special afternoon for a bunch of young mothers and their babies. Hilary spent more time grinning over the babies.) A drive up to Beaver Valley, ski hills, early autumn colour and waterfalls. A visit to main street Stratford and the Festival Theatre park by the lake.(See the blog post entitled "Ships of State")

This time we had a really good look at the Scottish gift shop. Delightful. Tartans everywhere. Ties. Coats of Arms. Geneologies. Gift picture books. Scottish cook books. Jams and preserves. Shortbreads. Music C.D's with tenors, the pipes, country fiddles, accordians. Books of Robbie Burns' poetry. Histories of Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Bonnie Prince Charlie. Some very classic kitchen ware. Beautiful art prints. Some very stylish fashions. Jokes, stickers, and posters at the expense of the cranky, frugal Scot. It is a total visit to the "gewd old hame".

A cordial saleslady bore with my reminiscences of Scotland, Eileen Donan Castle, Edinburgh, Glengarry Castle, Greyfriar's Bobbie, Greyfriar's Kirkyard, the Covenanters...

Blair clan...Derived from Gaelic word "blar" meaning field or plain or battlefield...Motto "Amo Probos" meaning "I love the virtuous"...Blair tartan, a lovely weave of dark blue, green and red.

If there is anything in you harkening to heather, purple thistles, oatmeal or wild stags, then you should visit this pleasant Stratford shop.


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