A Single Word from Jesus

I have noticed four occasions where Jesus has spoken a single word. Four words in red in the text. They are filled with significance:

"Go." (Matthew 8:32) The demon possessed man has crouched at the Lord's feet. He is at cross-purposes. Wanting to be free. Feeling the seductive draw of the numerous powerful evil spirits within. Jesus' single word sends the "Legion" into a herd of swine who scramble to their destruction. Jesus shows here His absolute authority over the dark world. Is anyone having difficulty with evil influences? Let him focus on the Lord and avail himself of "the expulsive power of an over-riding affection."

"Come." (Matthew 14:29) Jesus has just miraculously fed the five thousand and He dispatches the disciples by boat to the other side of the Lake. They encounter overwhelming stormy conditions and their master comes to them walking upon the water. Peter blurts out, "Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water." And he is doing it! Anything granted by the Lord pursuant to our plea is supernatural - salvation, healing, clean living, victory over adversity, equipment for service - all miracles, requiring nothing from us but the sincere appeal of a beggar. It is in coming to Jesus, not a creed or philosophy or force.

"Ephphatha" (Be opened-Mark 7:34) Ever the courteous Physician, Jesus has taken the deaf and dumb man away from the crowd and has tangibly touched his afflictions, importuned Heaven and sighed with great compassion. It is when He commands and enables eyes and ears and tongues to be opened that new life and liberty are realized. Until He gives such an enabling of the senses, understanding and confession - darkness and silence.

"Mary" (John 20:16) In the resurrection garden Jesus approaches Mary Magdalene in a form which she does not recognize until the gentle and much studied and loved voice pronounces her name. How she had hoped for a victory over death on this third day following the Cross. It had come faster and more intimately than ever she could have imagined. Beyond the pale of death Jesus knows the name and nature of each loved one and bids her or him to follow. His happy face will appear.


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