Christ Cracks Hard Cases

God chose Saul. What was he? A blasphemer. A
persecutor. That is grace. Our God is gracious and He loves
to show His mercy to the vilest and worst of men. There was
a notable character in the town in which I lived who was
known as the worst man in the town. He was so vile, and his
language was so horrible, that even wicked men could not
stand it. In England they have what is known as the public
hangman who has to perform all the executions. This man
held that appointment and he told me later that he believed
that when he performed the execution of men who had
committed murder, that the demon power that was in them
would come upon him and that in consequence he was
possessed with a legion of demons. His life was so miserable
that he purposed to make an end of life. He went down to a
certain depot and purchased a ticket. The English trains are
much different from the American. In every coach there are a
number of small compartments and it is easy for anyone who
wants to commit suicide to open the door of his
compartment and throw himself out of the train. This man
purposed to throw himself out of the train in a certain tunnel
just as the train coming from an opposite direction would be
about to dash past and he thought this would be a quick end
to his life.

There was a young man at the depot that night who had
been saved the night before. He was all on fire to get others
saved and purposed in his heart that every day of his life he
would get someone saved. He saw this dejected hangman and
began to speak to him about his soul. He brought him down
to our mission and there he came under a mighty conviction
of sin. For two and a half hours he was literally sweating
under conviction and you could see a vapor rising up from
him. At the end of two and a half hours he was graciously

I said, "Lord, tell me what to do." The Lord said, "Don't
leave him, go home with him." I went to his house. When he
saw his wife he said, "God has saved me." The wife broke
down and she too was graciously saved. I tell you there was a
difference in that home. Even the cat knew the difference.
There were two sons in that house and one of them said
to his mother, "Mother, what is up in our house? It was never
like this before. It is so peaceful. What is it?" She told him,
"Father has been saved." The other son was struck with the
same thing.

I took this man to many special services and the power of
God was on him for many days. He would give his testimony
and as he grew in grace he desired to preach the gospel. He
became an evangelist and hundreds and hundreds were
brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
through his ministry. The grace of God is sufficient for the
vilest and He can take the most wicked of men and make
them monuments of his grace. He did this with Saul of
Tarsus at the very time he was breathing out threats and
slaughter against the disciples of the Lord. He did it with
Berry the hangman. He will do it for hundreds more in
response to our cries.

You will notice that when Ananias came into that house
he called the one-time enemy of the gospel "Brother Saul."
The Lord Jesus has sent Ananias to that house to put his
hands upon this newly saved brother that he might receive his
sight and be filled with the Holy Ghost. You say, "But it does
not say that he spoke in tongues." We know that Paul did
speak in tongues; that he spoke in tongues more than all the
Corinthians. In those early days they were so near the time of
that first Pentecostal outpouring that they would never have
been satisfied with anyone receiving the Baptism unless they
received it according to the original pattern given on the Day of Pentecost.

(Taken from "Faith That Prevails" by Smith Wigglesworth)


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