Gordon Grieve is a prophet from Guelph (www.gordgrieve.com). He pastors a small fellowship with his wife Judy, and accepts invitations abroad to conferences, prayer vigils and church gatherings where he shares impressions which he has received before God. His messages of edification, exhortation and comfort to the Body of Christ are backed soundly by scripture and personal anecdote. One of such was the foundation of an earlier blog post entitled "A Voice for Him".

On Friday we heard Gord again at a housechurch gathering where he reported that God had been impressing him to tell the Church to pull back for a time from frantic program and evangelistic pursuits. The motive was right but for this region the timing and the "soil preparation" were wrong. In his prayer time he was only hearing God say, "Ssshhh...Sit...Quiet...Repent".

He was sad to report that pastors and churches were largely not open to this loss of momentum. Cities needed to be saved. Crusades needed to be launched. Tracts needed to be distributed. Program business needed to occupy every day of the church week. Flesh would become fatigued. Real spiritual power would dissipate. Yields from effort would be disappointing and much less than God's best.

How did Gord see God's recommendation being put into practice? S.O.S.

Simple Search:Believers must attend to the things which their conscience most evidently is telling them about correction. God will make them clear as would a straight-forward father to a child. There would not have to be hours of morbid self-examination for the secret sins. Simple examination. Simple repentance. Simple equipment from on high.

Obedience will not be Offended:The Bible story of Matthew 15 and the Syrophenician mother held the key. She was not Jewish yet she did not hesitate to place the illness of her daughter before this great rabbi and healer, Jesus. The disciples rebuked her. Jesus said that the "children's bread" was not meant to be given to "dogs" (Gentiles). But she importuned, "Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table". She determined to place her case humbly and obediently before this compassionate man, knowing that he could not disappoint, and expecting that any correction from him would be warranted. In such a posture she could not be offended, only helped.

His Sake:As one pursues this searching, submitting, obeying process, one must constantly assess whether plans, programs and intentions are truly for His Sake. The Spirit will make this clear to the earnest inquirer. Anything which is really intended to edify or actualize self, or some other man's agenda, will be exposed and set aside. The gold of plans for His Sake will come to view.

Notice that all of these suggestions concern correction and chastening for the Church, not the world. In Gord's estimation deliverance, healing, order, productivity and peace for the society will be initiated, as always, by the Body of Christ rather than government. Unfortunately all around he hears the people putting their confidence in new political leaders touting "change" and "hope".

Hosea 10:
12Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.


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