Demoniac Unbound

He wanted to come closer.
The demons shouted, "No!"
And he was still their prisoner
(The townsfolk feared him so.)

Long banished from the village
He lived among the dead.
In filth and naked horror,
For years their constant dread.

And part of him was dying
And part yearned to be free.
His baffled mental battle
A tragic mystery.

Some noise down at the lakeshore
Had stirred him from the cave.
For stepping from a boat, was One
With righteous power to save.

The demons knew that instant
Their host was on the mend.
Their stay among the Gadarenes
Their craft could not extend.

And then Christ called them, named them
And cast them into swine.
Which, plunging headlong to their death,
Were smothered in the brine.

The demon-plagued no longer,
But faithful, clothed and well.
This rescue at the lakeside
His special joy to tell.

(A single word from Jesus
Can touch such depths of soul.
Eradicate the madness
And make the broken whole.)

Note: Not every person with mental illness is a candidate for exorcism. Discernment MUST be exercised. Chemistry, environment and genetics are also considerations in a fallen world. Be patient. Be considerate. Be affirming. End the stigma.

(See the earlier post entitled "Declension")

(Painting by Edward Munch)


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