Exquisite Variety

My friend Perry now lives in Kentucky and is employed by Answers in Genesis, a Creation Science institute, publishing house and museum. Not too long ago he sent me a DVD which simply canvassed the beauty and diversity in creation in the realms of animal, insect, fish, bird and plant. There is little narration, but some beautiful classical music as a background. Words are not necessary to give the impression that a wonderfully artistic Designer is at work behind the scenes, happily turning out another variation or colour or enhancement for a species. The film progresses in crescendo of awesome wonder. The viewer is left certain of the fact that he has not just observed an inventory of evolutionary accidents. The recurrence of patterns and design cannot be attributed to the rolling of the dice in some game involving time, chance and organic chemistry.

Darwin's finches on the Galapagos Islands displayed amazing diversity. Colour for camouflage or attraction of a mate. Beak shape or size for feeding from different plants, seeds or fruits available. Flight techniques suited to environment. His "hypotheses" suggested the evolution of features over time assisted by (1)selective breeding and (2)survival of the fittest. Now no one with functioning gray matter will deny the benefit of these processes. Take a look at the dog kennel or thoroughbred stable. But to write a Creator of exquisite design, delight and variety out of the process is ABSURD. Not even Darwin did this, but rather his more rabid anti-Church successors. (They went on to formulate the whole ape-to-man controversy, which presently is disproved by genetic science and DNA)

This morning, Klaus, another friend, e-mailed me a picture of a flower from Thailand which is very rare, beautiful, specific and thrilling to the imagination. The Parrot Flower. Well done, Heavenly Father!


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