So, What's in Store?

By coincidence, a number of our entries lately have referred to the return of Jesus in triumph and judgment. The conquering King, whom the Hebrew people expected two thousand years ago, will finally take his rightful place on this planet. All nations will offer tribute.

Isaiah chapter 33 has never appeared to me before so clearly as a foreshadowing of Zion (Jerusalem) under King Jesus. Read the entire chapter and see the inevitable fate of the faithless, the thieving and the oppressor. Game over!

The portion which follows speaks of the inheritance of the redeemed. It will certainly be a new earth:

15-16The answer's simple:
Live right,
speak the truth,
despise exploitation,
refuse bribes,
reject violence,
avoid evil amusements.
This is how you raise your standard of living!
A safe and stable way to live.
A nourishing, satisfying way to live.

17-19Oh, you'll see the king—a beautiful sight!
And you'll take in the wide vistas of land.
In your mind you'll go over the old terrors:
"What happened to that Assyrian inspector who condemned and confiscated?
And the one who gouged us of taxes?
And that cheating moneychanger?"
Gone! Out of sight forever! Their insolence
nothing now but a fading stain on the carpet!
No more putting up with a language you can't understand,
no more sounds of gibberish in your ears.

20-22Just take a look at Zion, will you?
Centering our worship in festival feasts!
Feast your eyes on Jerusalem,
a quiet and permanent place to live.
No more pulling up stakes and moving on,
no more patched-together lean-tos.
Instead, God! God majestic, God himself the place
in a country of broad rivers and streams,
But rivers blocked to invading ships,
off-limits to predatory pirates.
For God makes all the decisions here. God is our king.
God runs this place and he'll keep us safe.

23Ha! Your sails are in shreds,
your mast wobbling,
your hold leaking.
The plunder is free for the taking, free for all—
for weak and strong, insiders and outsiders.

24No one in Zion will say, "I'm sick."
Best of all, they'll all live guilt-free.

(Taken from "The Message")


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