Thank You, Dobsons

Yes, thank you Jim and Shirley. It's now official. Effective the end of February, 2010, the two will be concluding all formal ties with Focus on the Family Ministries. (Colorado Springs)

No scandal; no censure; no failing health. The Board of Directors have simply requested a change of resources for changing times. (I cannot help but imagine that Dr. Dobson's uncompromising assaults on pornography, same-sex marriages and abortion are considerations in this Obama-liberal-change environment.)

But I will not here approach the political pulse. Rather, I will recall the radio broadcasts and video series which had profound impact upon me and my family:

1)Football legend Roosevelt Grier weeps as he shares a burden for an inner city youth shelter.

2)Elizabeth Eliot recalls the desperate moments before learning of the death of her missionary husband Jim along with others at the hands of a primitive South American tribe. (Read the inspiring book "Through Gates of Splendour")

3)Charles Colson of Watergate cover-up renown shares of prison experiences and other influences which brought him to Christ, and made him a singular spokesman for prisoners' concerns and for the "thinking man's Gospel".

4)Dr. Dobson speaks of treasured memories of his own Dad, and inspires fathers to be all that they could be for a new generation.

5)An old Dutch woman and survivor of the Holocaust tells of her many deliverances from Nazi retribution in the harbouring of Jewish fugitives.

6)A victim of years of paternal sexual abuse tells of her mentality in confinement, and of the particulars of escape and ultimate justice; then of perhaps a greater journey back from unforgiveness.

7) A demon-besieged shaman from a primitive upper Amazon tribe tells of the influence of a simple missionary family and of his discovery of Jesus. (See our post entitled "My Chest Got Excited")

8)Church groups are introduced to the Dobson video series on effective child discipline, and told of the inner desire of every child to know that caring parents set limits to behaviour, which will be enforced.

Over the years the impact of this ministry in counselling relationships, in exploring alternatives to abortion,in exposing some of the darkness and bondage of pornography, and in setting some of the prayer agenda for a nation, has gone beyond possible measurement.

There will be other assignments and appearances for this vibrant Christian couple. All the best, Jim and Shirley.


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