Daybreak Pushing Snow

Bruce was starting to get the feel of it again. Three-thirty rising. Check the fluids. Test the blade lift. Canvas the parked car situation. This was the second coffee shop parking lot for the day.

The overnight snow had been heavy and wet. He could tell that the truck tune-up had been worth it. Almost decided against the job. Last year had been so light on snowfall.

But now things looked better. Payments would be made on the truck. On the braces purchased for the girl friend's daughter. On the back support due to the "ex".

The radio program featured the same old morning crew. The same small talk. The same sarcastic humour at the expense of a celebrity in scandal. Conversational ping-pong. The woman announcer laughed like a man. Cheap jokes.

Aggravated, Bruce spun the dial at random, and then gathered speed to move the heavy sparkling wave northward to the large pile right of the blue Jeep. Nothing interesting coming from the radio. Just some community info. Click.

Turning southward to address another section of the lot, he saw it for the first time across the street. Church bulletin sign. Spotlit. Reading, "God Donned Diapers". He just chuckled and gave more acceleration.

But then with each swath of the harvest of snow, he saw it again. "God Donned Diapers". By reflex he reached for the radio to give it another try. Then a little more volume..."born to raise the sons of earth. Born to give them second birth. Hark the herald, angels sing. Glory to the newborn King."

The random spin had brought him to the local inspirational F M channel. He left it there for the next hour and two more parking lots.


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