Large Thoughts in the Spirit

(Taken from "Faith That Prevails" by Smith Wigglesworth)

Now, beloved, I am out for men. It is my business to be
out for men. It is my business to make everybody hungry,
dissatisfied. It is my business to make people either glad or
mad. I have a message from heaven that will not leave people
as I find them. Something must happen after they are filled
with the Holy Spirit. A man filled with the Holy Spirit is no
longer an ordinary man. A man can be swept by the power of
God in the first stage of the revelation of Christ so that from
that moment he will be an extraordinary man. But to be filled
with the Holy Spirit he has to become a free body for God to
dwell in, and to use, and to manifest Himself through. So I
appeal to you, you people who have received the Holy Spirit,
I appeal to you to let God have His way at whatever cost; I
appeal to you to keep moving on with God into an ever
increasing realization of His infinite purpose in Christ Jesus
for His redeemed ones until you are filled unto all the fullness
of God. To remain three days in the same place would
indicate that you have lost the vision. The child of God must
catch the vision anew every day. Every day the child of God
must be moved more and more by the Holy Ghost. The child
of God must come into line with the power of heaven so that
he knows that God has his hand upon him.
It is the same Jesus, the very same Jesus. He went about
doing good. "God anointed Him with the Holy Ghost and
with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that
were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him."
Beloved, is not that the ministry God would have us see we
are heir to? The mission of the Holy Ghost is to give us a
revelation of Jesus and to make the Word of God life unto us
as it was when spoken by the Son--as new, as fresh, as
effective as if the Lord Himself were speaking. The Bride
loves to hear the Bridegroom's voice! Here it is, the blessed
Word of God, the whole Word, not part of it, no, no, no! We
believe in the whole of it. We really have such an
effectiveness worked in us by the Word of life, that day by
day we are finding out that the Word itself giveth life; the
Spirit of the Lord, breathing through, revealing by the Word,
giving it afresh to us, makes the whole Word alive today.
Amen. So I have within my hands, within my heart, within
my mind, this blessed reservoir of promises that is able to do
so many marvelous things. Some of you most likely have
been suffering because you have a limited revelation of Jesus,
of the fullness of life there is in Him.


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