Be Ready When Gathering

The other Friday night in the basement rec-room of some friends we attended a prayer gathering for the blessing of our Region, the aiding of the unfortunate, the opening up of Gospel hope, the dismantling of sectarian walls.

This was consistent with the initiative of Marc and Elizabeth Leacock who had proclaimed February 13th as a day of prayer for Kitchener-Waterloo. Their friends Paul Schulze and Sam Buick had also been helpful in the promotional effort. The day was announced on local inspirational radio in their Monday night program "The Christian Link" (

In our gathering it was very apparent that the people summoned had come prepared to do business. A protocol was set for the evening by Klaus and Joyce Kitt and attendees respectfully complied. Reverent praise was offered unto the Lord. There were participatory corporate prayers. Words of prophecy. Exhortation. Passages of scripture brought along. Moments of illumination shared. It all flowed as orchestrated by God. It seemed truly that Jesus was in the midst. No personal ministry or laying on of hands that night. The group came to be an intercessory force for change. They had "come ready".

I remember a word from evangelist Smith Wigglesworth to the following effect:

'Many people come to Church to receive something from the Lord and to be made ready for service at a later time. I come to a gathering ready and prepared to do the Lord's business forthwith. I already have a word, a burden, an impression of what the Lord is going to do. This momentum always foils the Devil. Salvation, healing and deliverance are inevitable results. Oh, if only the people of God would do this! Come ready.'



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