Beautiful Woman

She is extraordinarily short. Face aged well beyond her years. Hearing impaired on both sides. Hearing aids in place. Large eyeglasses. Irregular teeth. Balding above the forehead. Blunted tone of voice. Speaking impaired.

She is a beautiful person. I don't know her by name, but I have often seen her and had an exchange at an early morning coffee shop on my way to work.

Usually she is in the company of some disabled "workshop" friends who manifest Down's Syndrome. She is their consummate friend and help. Cheery. Generous. Hugging. Smiling. Bearing with their hurts and disappointments. Seemingly, like loving little children, all.

In the past there appeared to be a "boyfriend" who was as large as she is small.

I marvel at the patient treatment which they all get from staff and patrons at the Tim Horton's. Seldom an irritated sigh or shuffle or superior look from the others. Even when they are taking long in the line-up or changing their minds. Others are learning grace and patience, good cheer, affection and thankfulness from this little woman. Inner beauty. Buckets full!

I refrain from calling her "handicapped", for in her own special way she possesses and demonstrates fine attributes which are an inspiration to us all. Her Creator has such a plan. It is good to see when others respond rightly.


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