Christ Captivated

Song of Solomon 4:

12A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

Here is Jehovah looking upon Israel; Christ looking upon His Church, His Bride. There is not a word of censure, even though the Bride has been tardy in response to His approaches,

"A Garden enclosed": A productive place of the Saviour's special tending, feeding, pruning, watering, protecting and study. It is fenced against the trespass and tramplings of an indifferent world. It is sheltered from winds of adversity and fear, capable of scattering precious seed. The time is not yet come for the presentation of ripened produce to a watching world.

"My sister": Made siblings by faith in a common household, accountable to a common Father. Sharing a mutual trust in His sovereignty, equity and power.

"My spouse": Betrothed and entitled to the everlasting benefits and confidence of covenant. Proclaimed and evidenced before the entire world. Witnessed by the Word of promise and Spirit of comfort. Intimate, safe and adhering. Growing in familiarity. Reproducing with joy and diligent care. Dispensing together the fruits of their partnered venture.

"A spring shut up": There are delights and refreshments not yet disclosed. Building up in the secret places of prayer, meditation, intercession and carefully measured suffering. The surface shows little to the passing eye. Until the surge comes.

"A fountain sealed": And the surge WILL come. The pressures of love, joy, praise and adoration will find their outlet. Kept pure and unsullied in the depths, these waters will bring streams in the desert and bracing life unprecedented. The landscape will be changed. The Living Water will come.

(Photo by Tom Spencer)


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