Be Like Bereans

A favourable comment the other day from a frequent reader came to me as both flattering and bracing. I was reminded of the very real responsibility in expressing the Good News.

The Apostle Paul traveled through the community of Berea. These were believers who checked out every word of the messenger against the scriptures. For this they were to be commended (Acts 17:11).

This writer has goofed up in the past. Some of the struggles along the way have been chronicled in this blog. My heart is still to encourage; to press others on in the faith; to examine together wonderful facets of this priceless gem of Christian hope. I must remain teachable; I must pause to wonder; I must respect the brother or sister with a somewhat different point of view.

Some of the goof-ups have included:
The confidence that the Rapture of the Church was just around the corner. ( That was 24 years ago.)
The expectation of healings and prosperity for the mere asking in faith.
The precarious confidence of the doctrine of eternal security of the believer.
The confidence that I might somehow reconcile the doctrines of free will and predestination this side of Glory.
The suspicion that all supernatural manifestations were of God.
The idea that tongues were "ecstatic" utterance.
The idea that it was better not to gather in worship at all, than to gather with a body which was cold, formalistic or self-assured.
The idea that evangelism was simply to get the Word out in front of people's faces at random.

Well, enough of that. Please feel free to continue to join me, but weigh my words, weigh my words...


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