It seemed only natural to visit the little sea-side graveyard after having toured the Fishermen's Chapel. From the small hillock, neatly mown and dotted with stones, one could see to the left the quaint village of frame structures and ship-masts and housings at the docks. Straight ahead and to the right spread out the Atlantic like a large blue table-cloth not yet straightened and flattened for guests.

The smell of brine was only moderated by the blossoming trees lining the one side of the yard and occasional fresh bunches of flowers placed lovingly beside marker stones.

The inscriptions were full of the stories of life and families by the sea:

"Martha, loving mother of Nine. Wife to Caleb."

"Samuel, lost in the storm of 1922."

"Brian, swept overboard on his second outing."

"Pastor Richard, a good shepherd."

"Sally, Isaac and Karen, tender plants harvested by cholera."

But one marker to the sea-ward side of the plot was particularly arresting. It suggested perhaps that the departed soul found himself in the village but not necessarily of the village:


"I have lived;
I have sinned;
I have repented;
I have died;
I rest;
I shall rise again;
I shall reign with Jesus."

Note: Final marker inscription taken from "Notes in My Bible" by D. L. Moody (Fleming Revell Publishers)


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