Evangelist Gets Good Press - 1927

Sunderland Daily Echo

Monday 5th September 1927


The reopening of the "Sunshine" Service in the Victoria Hall last night was marked by a demonstration on the part of the thousands that gathered for the meeting which was unprecedented for an opening night of this popular service. Notwithstanding the attractions that the fine evening afforded a long queue gathered some time before the doors were opened at 6 o'clock, and sang hymns and sacred choruses with much fervour to wile away the waiting period. Hundreds were unable to gain admittance to the Hall. Charabanc parties from Bishop Auckland (where the speaker, Pastor Stephen Jeffreys, the Welsh Revivalist, had conducted a successful mission, and who is conducting a month's evangelistic and divine healing campaign in the Hall), and Horden, and visitors from outlying districts attended.

In the course of his address Pastor Jeffreys said the world needed a new revelation of Christ, Whose power was the same today as ever it had been.

That had been demonstrated by the success that had marked the mission he (the Pastor) had conducted at Bishop Auckland, where in the course of five weeks 2,000 persons had been converted and the blind and sick healed of their infirmities. Spiritual blindness was the characteristic of the present age. The signs of the times pointed to the imminent second coming of Christ, Who was preparing a new race for His coming. "We stand on the threshold of a new dispensation," the Pastor said. The present dispensation was closing with the signs and wonders as set out in the Scriptures. That could not be understood unless the new revelation had been received. To be without God was to be without hope. Salvation through Jesus Christ made men and women new, it did not patch them up. When He saved men He separated them from the world. There were so many professing Christians after the beggarly elements of this world whose actions said that Jesus Christ had nothing to give them.

There was a great crisis at hand. Christ was moving in the realm of the spiritual. This dispensation had to close as it began — with marvellous signs and wonders.

The Pastor's appeal for converts at the close of the meeting was responded to by many all over the Hall.

(Photo of Stephen Jeffreys, 1876-1943)


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