Men's Ministry

Get men around a table. Bibles in hand. Questions, discoveries of interest prepared in advance by many. Open and transparent about who they are and about what their struggles are. Given to good humour and encouragement. Bound by a code of confidentiality and trust. Prepared to launch out in just about any direction. Sex. Finance. Health. Family and relational challenges. Faith. Temptations. Addictions. Church hopes or gripes. Current events. Non-judgmental. Ever teachable. Given spontaneously to prayer and under-girding. Unashamed by tears. Committed to regular gathering. Looking for Jesus to arrive and quietly guide their time together.

This is men's ministry. It focuses on a common desire for friendship, growth and help in Christ. Study and discussion are large issues. Each man will be respected as he "takes the floor".

Occasionally, but only occasionally, bowling, billiards, baseball and breakfasts may help.


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