Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood...

Generations have known of the positive impact of the television personality Fred Rogers upon pre-school children.

A mixture of "You are important...Let's go and visit our good (puppet) friend King Friday...We have a special visitor today, boys and girls, with something exciting to show us."

Mr. Rogers was a firm believer that children needed comforting and familiar routines, Particularly before they were going to encounter something new. Consequently his show in ways looked very much the same from day to day. The open front door. Changing the shoes. Putting on the sweater. Singing "Won't You Be My Neighbour".

Comedians have had a field day at this man's expense, but he was never bothered. He understood little children.

Now take this concept to an adult gathering, perhaps at a church. The routines can be there. The sense of little that is new. The comfort of knowing that 'yes I have a handle on all of this'. Perhaps the same songs. The same format in prayer. Men and women engineer this for a reliably satisfying time together.

But what if God is eager to do something new, provocative, even unsettling, leading to strength, growth, correction and capability?. Should not the adult crowd be game for this?


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