Hand of Christ

Last night was an extraordinary night with men at the church.

Following our study and discussion the night was closed with prayer, and the subject of my Father's funeral came up. At one point I prayed and expressed my heart's desire that Monday would be a suitable tribute and thanksgiving concerning Dad, and that my Mom would receive a blessing and a comfort. She has been grieving and fretting. All very hard for an eighty-four year old.

I began to weep in the prayer, and weep heavily. Some of the men got up from their seats and placed hands of comfort and agreement upon my shoulders and back. The prayer continued. One by one they went back to their seats until it seemed to me that only one hand remained.

I finally opened my eyes to realize that at the last there had been no one at my side although the pressure on my shoulder had continued. A voice within suggested "hand of Christ". The impression then continued, "The hand of Christ had been on your person since the men had first touched you."

That is fellowship, friends! That is Body life. Meekly bringing the Lord into our midst as we gather. Extending hands, hearts and voices for Him. Who knows what may develop?


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