A Good Connection

(Taken from a sermon by John G. Lake entitled "Sin in the Flesh")

...after you have fed on the Word, and your spirit is open to the truth of confession, you can't bottle God up. You can't lock him up. It has been God's method throughout all the ages to speak to people through those that are in right relation with Himself, and when you are in right relation with Him, the most normal and natural thing is, that He will use you to communicate Himself to others, and so you act as the medium through which He is to pour His message, by song or by testimony, or by prayer or by some other means; but you are His medium, you are His testifier, you are His spokesman, you are His instrument through which He is going to work. Beautiful, isn't it?

Now you see what keeps you in perfect communion, because you have to continually get new messages all the time from Him, so you live in perfect fellowship with Him, feeding on His Word, and telling out the things He does for you. And no Christian is safe that hasn't a NOW experience with the Lord, because sickness can come on you and you have no power to throw it off. You have your NOW experience in your spirit, and you are continually in contact, and the spiritual power is coming down and going back and forth continually. Things are coming down and things are going up-from Him to you and you to Him-down through your spirit. You have a beautiful picture: angels ascending and descending. It is the thoughts of God coming down and your thoughts going back. Him feeding on you, and you feeding on Him.

...Now if your spirit has reached the place where it has no appetite for the things of God, you have been playing hooky. You have been feeding on things that you ought not to eat, and you have compelled your poor spirit to feed on trash and cheap scandal and cheap talk and useless talk, wise cracking and everything, and you have never given your spirit any really healthy food for a long time, and the poor thing is dying of hunger.

Do you understand me now? You can't get your healing until you get your spiritual healing...The healing you want is not physical but spiritual. You get right, and get adjusted so you are feeding on the Word, and so you are giving public testimony, and you will be well or in a condition to get well.


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