Missionary Text

(Today's entry in Come Ye Apart by J. R. Miller)

What We can do for Others

“He sent them to preach.”

Luke 9:2

Apostles are not the only persons to whom Christ gives this same commission. He wants every one that he saves to go out and preach the gospel to others. Christian boys and girls can preach by living a sweet and beautiful life at home, at school, among companions. Beautiful living is the most eloquent of all preaching. There is a story of one who became a Christian; and when asked under whose preaching he had been converted, her replied: ”Under nobody’s preaching, but under Aunt Mary’s practising.” Every one ought to preach by faithful practising.

But there are other ways. There is in the Bible a story of a little captive maid, far away from home, who told in her master’s house what the God of her own nation could do; and her words led to the healing of one leper at least. We can tell something about Christ — what He has done for us, what He can do for others; and our words may fall upon some ear that will be glad to hear them, and upon some heart that will turn to Him with hungry faith and prayer.

This is a missionary text, and there are a thousand ways in which we can help to give the gospel to the world. What a pity it is that we should keep to ourselves anything so precious, that has such power to bless the world, and that men, women, and children everywhere need so much, as the gospel of Jesus Christ! Think of a rich man in the time of famine, when his neighbours are all starving, keeping his great full barns locked up, and not dealing out bread to the hungry! We who have found Christ have bread for human souls, not only enough for ourselves, but enough for all about us; for giving out does not waste this bread of life. All around us are perishing sinners whom we may save. Shall we keep to ourselves that for want of which souls are dying?


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