Beautiful Woman of Faith

She was a friend of ours back in Chatham. Beautiful woman outwardly. Auburn hair. Striking brown eyes. The animated body language of the French in conversation.
At one time a hard working farm wife near a small rural village. Four sons in rapid succession.

The great tragedy of her past had been the farm equipment accident taking the life of her one young daughter. Then the increasing unspoken tension with a husband now pouring himself into building construction. The village, largely Roman Catholic, sided with him and ostracized Laura in many ways, after her encounter with Pentecost.

A move came into the City. The couple lived under the same roof though effectively separated. She came to my law office with suspicions of infidelity. The husband wanted a divorce. Initially she would not oblige. The litigation was a painful process with all the male faces of her family seemingly in opposition. (In later years some healings did occur with the sons.)

My wife became increasingly attached to Laura as Christian mentor. Mighty seasons of prayer transpired in their drives and sessions together. A routine developed for seniors' rest home visitation. Laura's colour, vivaciousness and engaging eye contact proved a refreshing change for many from the gray monotony of the home. In a respectful, friendly way she 'offered words of hope to those that were weary'. Some she led to a saving relationship with Jesus, as did my wife.

For years we were blessed in friendship with this compassionate woman. In part, she had turned her suffering into currency for the help of others. Laura imparted unto us an enthusiastic interest in the ministries of Leroy Jenkins, Franklin Walden, Morris Cerullo and R.W. Schambach. I can still see her hand-clapping and dancing at their revival meetings.

When difficulties came, she would stick out her jaw and say that the Lord was giving her a test. When the devil needed rebuking, she did it with gusto. When circumstances proved too difficult she could be heard in prayer saying, 'This one is too much, Lord. I am laying it on Your altar. Undertake for me.'

And the Lord WOULD undertake for this woman of simple "Holy Ghost faith". When the good report came, her smiles of joy, praise and relief would light up the room.

(Note: The picture bears no resemblance to our friend except for the vivid eyes.)


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