Steve Gosser's Birds

I am pleased to bring to your attention a beautiful photography website. It is hosted by Steve Gosser of Pennsylvania.

Apparently Steve is quite a recent venturer into bird photography (2005). He has also left his home state for some more exotic "birdings". It is clear that this man has the requisite patience for the really good shot which shows not only the features of each specimen, but also characteristic or quizzical activities.

I can imagine the freedom and delight of a day in the bush or field or lake, hoping for some good discovery and just the right vantage point.

One accomplished friend of mine often stated that it is all a question of snapping lots of shots. "If you don't click, you don't get to keep. Careful study and photo-editing at a later time will enhance your colour, lighting and composition."

I have a hard time imagining that Steve is one of these rapid shoot-from-the-hip types. His work is just too artistic. He loves his material and has immense respect and wonder. Good work, Steve.

The colourful, musical, industrious handiwork of God - birds.

Note: See again our posted poem "Bird Watcher". (May, 2009)

(Photos by Steve Gosser)


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